Stay Safe With Fully Functioning Brakes

Have Your Brakes Regularly Checked Out

Your brakes should be considered the most important safety feature on your automobile. Have them checked regularly to make sure they are in tip-top condition. If your brakes aren't regularly serviced, it can lead to far more costly repairs down the road.  Save money by having them checked out by our experienced & certified mechanics from C.R. Smith Radiator & Auto Repair. Our brake specialists are here when you need them to make sure you can safely bring your vehicle to our stop. We have been serving the York community for more than 60 years and we offer a real warranty that covers parts and labor.

Warning Signs of Brake Troubles

There are many signs that your brakes require immediate attention. Pay close attention while driving. If you hear, feel or notice any of the issues below, schedule your appointment at C.R. Smith Radiator & Auto Repair right away! We also recommend having your brake system inspected every other time you have your oil changed.
  • Grinding When Braking: If you notice a loud grinding noise when braking, this is an indicator that your brake pads have worn completely through. The sound you are hearing is the metal brake discs rubbing against the caliper. This means you need new brake pads and you may need to replace your rotors as well
  • Loud, High Pitched Squealing: This sound is your primary warning sign that something is amiss. This might indicate your brake pads are running low and they need to be replaced. A small metal indicator produces this audible warning to alert you that service is necessary
  • Spongy or Soft Brakes: When your brakes are spongy it takes more effort to brake. This is often caused by low brake fluid, air or a leak in brake line
  • Vehicle Pulling to the Side When Braking: If your car pulls to one side or the other when braking, this is a sign of uneven or irregular wear. It could also indicate that your brake calipers are not releasing properly

Money-Saving Special Offers Available

Be sure to check out our latest special offers and SAVE on your next visit to C.R. Smith Radiator & Auto Repair. We’re a member of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and a graduate of the Automotive Training Institute (ATI).
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